Give Your Hand a Break gives you objective dating site reviews with web statistics, demographics and price.

  • No more wondering how many people actually use a dating service.
  • No more sixty-minute signups just to find out they charge $59.95/month.
  • Compare dating sites by gender, age, ethnicity, education and income.

All the data you need to make smart dating site decisions are at your fingertips!


Our goals are to:

  • create an objective and definitive source for dating site reviews
  • increase happiness through companionship
  • liberate hands trapped in a cycle of autoerotic abuse


We plan to fulfill our goals through the following methods:

  • create an exhaustive list of online dating services
  • use objective, third-party metrics to evaluate dating sites
  • create a community to rate and review dating sites

Materials Used:

GiveYourHandaBreak.com uses the following hardware and software:


We are of the opinion that:

  • you are going to score this weekend (Go you!)
  • there will be more happy people in the world one month from now
  • there will be many more happy hands in the world one year from now




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