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Is PageRank Enough? PR and Traffic Comparison of 122 Dating Sites

Google uses PageRank (PR) to measure the relative importance of web pages.

PR is useful for ordering search results and measuring the importance of content-based pages but…

Can PageRank be used to evaluate dating sites?

Do dating sites with higher PR offer more value? Does higher PR mean better chances of finding a date?

Let’s compare 122 dating sites by PageRank and traffic to find out if there is any correlation between PR and value to consumers in the online dating industry.

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Unique Visitors Metric: Not Enough on Dating Sites?

Website popularity is often measured in terms of “unique visitors” but:

On dating sites, the unique visitors metric is not enough.

Why? Let’s compare three dating sites. All three get millions of unique visitors but only two of them made it into our Million Club.

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Two Girls for Every Boy: What Dating Sites Give Men the Best Gender Odds?

Two Girls for Every Boy: What Dating Sites Give Men the Best Gender Odds?

In the 1963 song Surf City, Jan and Dean glamorized the west coast surfer lifestyle with five simple words:

“Two girls for every boy.”

Do any California cities still offer a gender ratio of two women for every man?

How about online dating? What dating sites give men the best gender odds for finding a date?

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Millions of Members: Medal of Honor or Badge of Shame?

Some dating sites wear the words “millions of members” like a feather in one’s cap.

Are these words a medal of honor or a badge of shame?

Let’s compare advertising claims and web stats to answer this question.

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Do Men Really Outnumber Women on Dating Sites?

If you dip your toes into the online dating pool, you may get the following impression:

“On the average dating site, men outnumber women by a large margin.”

Anecdotal evidence would support that first impression but dating site demographics data tell a different story.

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