Lavalife Drops Out of Million Club

We are sad to report that dating site dropped out of the Million Club. Third-party traffic data suggest that the site suffered a heavy loss in traffic last month. So heavy, in fact, that we could no longer keep Lavalife in our Million People per Month Club.

Last month, we welcomed Lavalife into our Million Club after web analytics company Compete reported that Lavalife’s monthly traffic had reached 1,075,364 unique visitors in July, 2008. Unfortunately, Lavalife traffic dropped to 358,238 people in August.

The following chart shows Lavalife’s unique visitors over the past year. The chart and data were provided by but the comments scribbled on top are ours:

Lavalife Drops Out of Million Club

Had their traffic hovered anywhere near one million people per month, we would have kept them in the club. A drop to less than one third of their traffic in a single month, however, forced us to remove them.

In addition to unique visitors, one must also consider the average time spent and number of pages viewed per visit: Web Stats for July and August, 2008

Metric Value for July, 2008 Value for August, 2008 Growth/Month
Source: Web Stats from Compete
People/Month 1,075,364 People/Month 358,238 People/Month -66.7%
Visits/Month 2,522,360 Visits/Month 1,478,724 Visits/Month -41.4%
Avg. Stay/Visit 09:40 Minutes/Visit 11:51 Minutes/Visit 22.6%
Pages/Visit 21.8 Pages/Visit 24.6 Pages/Visit 12.8%

Were the changes in traffic natural or due to an aggressive advertising campaign? The following tends to indicate the end of an aggressive advertising campaign:

  • sudden drop in the number of unique visitors
  • drop in number of visits
  • increase in the average time spent per visit
  • increase in the average pages viewed per visit

Generally speaking, average time spent and pages per visit shouldn’t change that much. If a site starts advertising aggressively, the number of unique visitors will spike but the average time spent and pages viewed will drop since most new visitors will be casual (as opposed to loyal) visitors. When an advertising campaign ends, the reverse should occur.

Without more data we really can’t say for sure. Whatever the reason, it is with heavy hearts that we remove from our Million Club.

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