OkCupid Joins the Million Club

OkCupid Joins the Million Club

According to third-party traffic data, dating site OkCupid.com joined the Million People per Month Club (Million Club) in January, 2009.

Last month, Compete.com reported that OkCupid had 1,009,937 unique visitors in January. This is an impressive:

  • 17% increase from last month
  • 103.7% increase from last year

Let’s take a closer look at their impressive growth over the past year.

On the 10th of last month, web analytics company Compete released OkCupid’s traffic data for January, 2009. With an impressive three digit yearly growth, OkCupid broke the one million unique visitors per month barrier in January.

Compete triangulates multiple data sources, including ISP, Panel & Toolbar to estimate U.S. traffic. It is a free service that provides traffic information, including unique visitors per month. The charts and traffic data used throughout this article were provided by Compete.com but all comments scribbled on top are ours:

Unique Visitors for OkCupid

The following table shows OkCupid’s traffic in terms of unique visitors (people) and number of visits per month. It also shows engagement in terms of average time spent and pages viewed per visit:

OkCupid.com Web Stats for January, 2009

Metric Value
Source: Web Stats from Compete
People/Month 1,009,937 People/Month
Growth/Year 103.7%
Visits/Month 7,893,988 Visits/Month
Stay/Visit 19:42 Minutes/Visit
Pages/Visit 52.5 Pages/Visit

People/Month (unique visitors) is a an indicator of a website’s popularity but a website can inflate unique visitors by buying a lot of advertising. That’s why we also look at engagement to see how much time people are spending on the site and pages viewed per visit.

OkCupid maintained an amazing 52.5 pages per visit and an average stay (in minutes) of 19:42 throughout their climb. The average for all dating sites reviewed by us in January (130 in all) was about 25.5 pages and 10:00 minutes per visit. OkCupid’s engagement was about twice the average while enjoying double digit monthly growth.

Not Surprising

While this is impressive, we are not surprised.

As mentioned in our OkCupid review, OkCupid’s interface is second to none and the site attracts high quality people:

People are the most important aspect of any dating site and OkCupid.com had the best selection of seriously hot people in my area.

Next to people, of course, is how quickly and efficiently one can view people profiles.

I cannot stress how much I loved their design and navigation. A lot of love, time and technical expertise went into crafting their quick and user-friendly interface. It was an absolute joy to navigate and turned me into a veritable click-monkey. I spent more time there than on any other dating site.

It is with great joy that we now welcome OkCupid.com into the Million Club. They worked hard for it and I can think of no other site that deserves it more.

Keep up the great work, OkCupid!

Web Stats by Compete Site Analytics (http://siteanalytics.compete.com/)

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