is an ethnic dating site visited by 56,135 people/month.

These people visit 275,442 times/month at an average of 09:31 minutes/visit.

The majority are Male, 35-49 Years Old, Caucasian with a High School Education and a Household Income of $30-60k per Year.

On, your gender odds are 3.17 men/woman (or 0.32 women/man).

Updated on 2009/03/02.

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Item Value
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Subscription Price $19.95/Month
People 56,135 People/Month
Gender 76% Male
Age 42% 35-49 Years of Age
Household Income 29% $30-60k per Year


Web Statistics's People/Month Graph from Compete

Metric Value
Source: Compete
People/Month 56,135 People/Month
Growth/Year -44.0%
Visits/Month 275,442 Visits/Month
Stay/Visit 09:31 Minutes/Visit
Pages/Visit 35.9 Pages/Visit



Gender Percent
Male 76% Male 76%
Female 24% Female 24%


Age Percent
Under 17 4% Under 17 4%
18-34 27% 18-34 27%
35-49 42% 35-49 42%
50+ 26% 50+ 26%


Household Income Percent
$30k or Less 25% $30k or Less 25%
$30-60k 29% $30-60k 29%
$60-100k 26% $60-100k 26%
$100k or More 20% $100k or More 20%


Ethnicity Percent
Caucasian 54% Caucasian 54%
African American 10% African American 10%
Asian 28% Asian 28%
Hispanic 7% Hispanic 7%
Other 2% Other 2%


Education Percent
No College 44% No College 44%
College 40% College 40%
Grad School 15% Grad School 15%

Children in Household Percent
Source: Quantcast
No 75% No 75%
Yes 25% Yes 25%



Item Cost
People/Dollar: Monthly People / Monthly Cost
Cost per Month $19.95/Month
People/Dollar 2,814 People/Dollar
Cost per Year $189.95/Year
People/Dollar 3,546 People/Dollar
Free Trial Yes
Limitations Communication Limited

Note: Monthly price quoted is regular price. Discounts available so please confirm prices directly.

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Comments (5)

  1. P wrote::

    All you get are a bunch of “flirts” from fake profiles or out of state. I sent messages asking them to respond back just to verify if they are legitimate and just get another flirt, nothing more. Majority of the profiles are poorly written so it is hard to believe it is from someone with a background depicted. When you contact the sight to inform them of the fake profile or concern, the profile will disappear the following day without any explanation. Great scam!!! I should have thought of it. Contact consumer affairs, warn everyone you know.

    Friday, September 11, 2009 at 4:23 pm #
  2. Casimir G. WIlliams wrote::

    Asian People meet is a total scam. All you ever get is computer generated replies. They have a very slick looking web site but al you ever get is electronic “flirts and never an actual reply. People who run this site should be horse whipped.

    Thursday, January 28, 2010 at 8:41 am #
  3. pyt wrote::

    yes this is a scam big time,they wont take your card when you try to pay it online,they send you to western union,then western union charged you for 12 bucks,then you have to call them &why your membership is not updated yet,&they will say itll takes 7 days to put it on their system,This is a scam somebody or anybody shld report this site to the consumer affairs

    Friday, May 28, 2010 at 1:29 pm #
  4. pyrt wrote::

    No whats happening is you get flirts feedback but the person you sent a flirt w/ is not an upgrade member,its not like other site once you put your ad on it,people responds &you get it &you can respond back to them,but this site,it has to be both,i mean the person that who puts her or his ad on this shld upgrade their membership,means they have to pay this monthly membership for like 60 bucks thats why you dnt get a response back coz the person who puts her ad cannot afford to pay that kind of money,,they charged the person who puts the ad on there &the person who will flirt or sednin the message,,thats why its a scam,

    Friday, May 28, 2010 at 1:35 pm #
  5. Sandy Nguyen wrote::

    This website has a lot of fakes. And the people we meet a lot are just there for not so good intentions and the site does not have any kind of quality check on the applicants. The men here are just sick old perverts.

    Monday, August 9, 2010 at 12:01 pm #
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