Engage.com is a general dating site visited by 49,868 people/month.

These people visit 67,700 times/month at an average of 05:46 minutes/visit.

The majority are Male, 35-49 Years Old, Caucasian with a High School Education and a Household Income of $30-60k per Year.

On Engage.com, your gender odds are 1.04 men/woman (or 0.96 women/man).

Updated on 2008/11/08.

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Item Value
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Subscription Price $5.95/Month
People 49,868 People/Month
Gender 51% Male
Age 35% 35-49 Years of Age
Household Income 29% $30-60k per Year


Web Statistics

Engage.com's People/Month Graph from Compete

Metric Value
Source: Compete
People/Month 49,868 People/Month
Growth/Year -39.5%
Visits/Month 67,700 Visits/Month
Stay/Visit 05:46 Minutes/Visit
Pages/Visit 9.0 Pages/Visit



Gender Percent
Male 51% Male 51%
Female 49% Female 49%


Age Percent
Under 17 2% Under 17 2%
18-34 33% 18-34 33%
35-49 35% 35-49 35%
50+ 31% 50+ 31%


Household Income Percent
$30k or Less 25% $30k or Less 25%
$30-60k 29% $30-60k 29%
$60-100k 23% $60-100k 23%
$100k or More 23% $100k or More 23%


Ethnicity Percent
Caucasian 83% Caucasian 83%
African American 10% African American 10%
Asian 1% Asian 1%
Hispanic 5% Hispanic 5%
Other 1% Other 1%


Education Percent
No College 47% No College 47%
College 40% College 40%
Grad School 13% Grad School 13%

Children in Household Percent
Source: Quantcast
No 72% No 72%
Yes 28% Yes 28%



Item Cost
People/Dollar: Monthly People / Monthly Cost
Cost per Month $5.95/Month
People/Dollar 8,381 People/Dollar
Cost per Year $71.40/Year
People/Dollar 8,381 People/Dollar
Free Trial Yes
Limitations Not Limited

Note: Please confirm prices directly with dating service provider.


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Comments (3)

  1. Steve wrote::

    Update 2009/04/17: Engage is under new ownership. Substantial changes have been made to the site so much of this review no longer applies.

    The Good

    Engage.com was a pleasure to visit.

    Registration was simple and straightforward.

    Site design was clean and professional. It was visually appealing and a joy to navigate. It was easy to see that a lot of care, talent and resources went into designing this site. (This comment applied to the original red design. The new design seems flashier and less professional.)

    The site had interesting social aspects. It gave me the option to play matchmaker between friends. It also let me vote on the best match (out of three candidates) for complete strangers based on their pictures and profiles.

    Profiles had big, beautiful pictures.

    There were many attractive profiles.

    The Bad

    It was perfect as far as concept and online experience were concerned but the rich features may come at a price. The site may seem sluggish for people on slower connections. There were a lot of images, multiple CSS files and several scripts. Many of these were quite large. Reducing file sizes and minimizing the number of HTTP requests would probably give a snappier website for slow connections (and would have the added benefit of saving bandwidth costs when the site really takes off).

    Please note that I am nitpicking here – my experience was excellent and I found nothing wrong with the site.

    The new design seems rushed and less professional.

    Now you must sign up to view pricing information.

    The Beautiful

    The social aspects impressed me the most. Now happily married couples can participate in dating sites as matchmakers! It will be interesting to watch the industry evolve as more dating sites introduce social networking aspects and vice versa. Hopefully, it will bring positive change to the online dating landscape and turn more singles into couples.

    Worth Visiting?

    Definitely. Yes.

    It’s a beautiful site with attractive profiles and innovative social features. Even if you are married, this site can help you find someone for your single friends. The matchmaking features still make it worth a visit.

    Worth Subscribing?

    Yes. No. In the past Engage.com was open with pricing information. Now you must register to find the prices. In principle I cannot recommend any website or business that requires registration to view prices. Such actions make price comparisons time consuming and inflate membership numbers on dating sites.

    When I visited the site in June of 2008, it was offering free memberships. If this introductory offer is still available when you visit, why not grab one? You have little to lose and plenty to gain. This offer no longer applies.

    Sunday, June 22, 2008 at 9:50 pm #
  2. Steve wrote::

    The free membership offer that I mentioned in my previous post has ended. The cost is now $5.95 per month.

    I still believe it is worth subscribing. The high quality profiles and excellent user experience make the low subscription price a bargain in my opinion. Also, Engage.com is open with their price (which is a refreshing and welcome change). Most dating sites require you to register just to view the price list. Note: The new owners now hide their pricing information.

    Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 10:31 pm #
  3. Steve wrote::

    Engage has changed hands. It is now a Spark Networks Limited website.

    The design has changed (from the subtle red which I liked to a flashy blue design which does not fit as well) and the pricing information has been removed from the FAQ (meaning that you have to become a member just to view pricing information).

    Not good changes in my opinion. Perhaps that is why their traffic is dropped from about 300,000 unique visitors per month to the current 50,000 people per month.

    Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 12:59 pm #
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