Large Thumbnail of Website is a general dating site visited by 5,376,096 people/month.

These people visit 27,757,968 times/month at an average of 14:18 minutes/visit.

The majority are Female, 35-49 Years Old, Caucasian with a College Education and a Household Income of $100k Plus per Year.

On, your gender odds are 0.85 men/woman (or 1.17 women/man).

Updated on 2009/01/03.

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Item Value
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Subscription Price $39.99/Month
People 5,376,096 People/Month
Gender 54% Female
Age 45% 35-49 Years of Age
Household Income 29% $100k Plus per Year


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Metric Value
Source: Compete
People/Month 5,376,096 People/Month
Growth/Year -23.2%
Visits/Month 27,757,968 Visits/Month
Stay/Visit 14:18 Minutes/Visit
Pages/Visit 23.9 Pages/Visit



Gender Percent
Male 46% Male 46%
Female 54% Female 54%


Age Percent
Under 17 0% Under 17 0%
18-34 32% 18-34 32%
35-49 45% 35-49 45%
50+ 23% 50+ 23%


Household Income Percent
$30k or Less 18% $30k or Less 18%
$30-60k 28% $30-60k 28%
$60-100k 26% $60-100k 26%
$100k or More 29% $100k or More 29%


Ethnicity Percent
Caucasian 85% Caucasian 85%
African American 6% African American 6%
Asian 2% Asian 2%
Hispanic 6% Hispanic 6%
Other 1% Other 1%


Education Percent
No College 36% No College 36%
College 47% College 47%
Grad School 17% Grad School 17%

Children in Household Percent
Source: Quantcast
No 76% No 76%
Yes 24% Yes 24%



Item Cost
People/Dollar: Monthly People / Monthly Cost
Cost per Month $39.99/Month
People/Dollar 134,436 People/Dollar
Cost per Year $239.88/Year
People/Dollar 268,939 People/Dollar
Free Trial Yes
Limitations Communication Limited

Note: Please confirm prices directly with dating service provider.

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Comment (1)

  1. Steve wrote::

    The Good was easy to navigate and had many profiles in my area.

    The search engine had a wide variety of options. Search results could be displayed as a photo gallery.

    Profiles were detailed, easy to read and, for the most part, had decent quality pictures.

    The Bad

    Chemistry (another service) was promoted heavily. Most pages had at least one banner ad for Chemistry and it got old, fast.

    Profile picture quality was generally good but the pictures on more than a few profiles were poorly resized and/or of low quality. More quality control in that area would be nice.

    The Ugly

    I found it annoying that you had to register in order to view the subscription prices. Pricing data are essential when making informed purchase decisions and should be disclosed, not hidden.

    The monthly subscription price quoted on, in a recent news article and in a dating site review were all substantially different ($39.99, $24.95 and $14.99+, respectively). Do prices change based on Zip Code? Are they serving “le prix de jour?”

    Worth Visiting?

    Yes. It is a well-designed site with powerful features and a wealth of profiles.

    Worth Subscribing?

    Sadly, no.

    I cannot recommend doing business with a company that does not disclose pricing information.

    If all companies required registration just to view prices, comparison shopping online would take days instead of hours. That’s not the kind of Internet I want to live in.

    Friday, May 16, 2008 at 1:43 am #
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