OkCupid.com is a 100% free dating site visited by 1,009,937 people/month.

These people visit 7,893,988 times/month at an average of 19:42 minutes/visit.

The majority are Male, 18-34 Years Old, Caucasian with a College Education and a Household Income of $30k or Less per Year.

On OkCupid.com, your gender odds are 1.04 men/woman (or 0.96 women/man).

Updated on 2009/03/03.

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Item Value
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Subscription Price $0/Month
People 1,009,937 People/Month
Gender 51% Male
Age 52% 18-34 Years of Age
Household Income 35% $30k or Less per Year


Web Statistics

OkCupid.com's People/Month Graph from Compete

Metric Value
Source: Compete
People/Month 1,009,937 People/Month
Growth/Year 103.7%
Visits/Month 7,893,988 Visits/Month
Stay/Visit 19:42 Minutes/Visit
Pages/Visit 52.5 Pages/Visit



Gender Percent
Male 51% Male 51%
Female 49% Female 49%


Age Percent
Under 17 10% Under 17 10%
18-34 52% 18-34 52%
35-49 26% 35-49 26%
50+ 11% 50+ 11%


Household Income Percent
$30k or Less 35% $30k or Less 35%
$30-60k 31% $30-60k 31%
$60-100k 10% $60-100k 10%
$100k or More 23% $100k or More 23%


Ethnicity Percent
Caucasian 91% Caucasian 91%
African American 2% African American 2%
Asian 3% Asian 3%
Hispanic 3% Hispanic 3%
Other 1% Other 1%


Education Percent
No College 43% No College 43%
College 45% College 45%
Grad School 12% Grad School 12%

Children in Household Percent
Source: Quantcast
No 74% No 74%
Yes 26% Yes 26%



Item Cost
People/Dollar: Monthly People / Monthly Cost
Cost per Month $0/Month
People/Dollar 1,009,937 People/Dollar
Cost per Year $0/Year
People/Dollar 1,009,937 People/Dollar
Free Trial Not Applicable
Limitations Not Limited

Note: People/Dollar for 100% Free dating sites is the total People/Month.


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Comment (1)

  1. Steve wrote::

    The Good

    OkCupid.com is an amazing site run by intelligent people who obviously love their users.

    Registration was quick, painless and fun. Within seconds I had full access to all of their profiles.

    The site was (and always will be) 100% free.

    So far, I have not seen a single ad!
    Update: Banner ads show up eventually but no flashing banner ads. (animated ads show up eventually)

    The online experience was, to say the least, magnificent.

    It was a beautiful, well-designed site. The simple, intelligent and intuitive design made it a pleasure to navigate.

    Profiles were information-rich without being crowded.

    Photo albums were gorgeous. Large, high quality photos could be browsed quickly.

    OkCupid.com had a wealth of profiles in my area, many of which were incredibly attractive.

    In terms of visitor demographics, gender distribution was well-balanced (48% female).

    Younger people will feel at home here. A good 48% of visitors were between 18 and 34 years of age – more than any other dating site we have seen.

    Note: Third-party demographic data suggested that 11% of their visitors may be 17 or under. If you are an adult looking to be more than just friends, you must make sure that the person you are interacting with is 18 years of age or older!

    The Bad

    I have nothing bad to say about OkCupid.com. It is a work of art.

    The Beautiful

    People are the most important aspect of any dating site and OkCupid.com had the best selection of seriously hot people in my area.

    Next to people, of course, is how quickly and efficiently one can view people profiles.

    I cannot stress how much I loved their design and navigation. A lot of love, time and technical expertise went into crafting their quick and user-friendly interface. It was an absolute joy to navigate and turned me into a veritable click-monkey. I spent more time there than on any other dating site.

    Judging from third-party web statistics, I am not the only one who enjoyed the online experience. OkCupid.com visitors visited often and spent an impressive 16:33 minutes viewing 23.3 pages (on average) per visit.

    Worth Visiting?


    Even if you have no interest in dating, you must visit OkCupid.com just to see how a website should be designed. You may not find love but, if you are involved in web development, you will definitely fall in love with their website.

    To the developers and designers: Bravo!

    Worth Subscribing?

    Oh, YES!

    Beautiful profiles aplenty with rich, enjoyable online experience.

    Dating site heaven!

    Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 2:27 am #
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