is a general dating site visited by 3,410,791 people/month.

These people visit 12,793,444 times/month at an average of 08:14 minutes/visit.

The majority are Male, 35-49 Years Old, Caucasian with a High School Education and a Household Income of $30-60k per Year.

On, your gender odds are 1.22 men/woman (or 0.82 women/man).

Updated on 2008/11/15.

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Item Value
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Subscription Price $49.99/Month
People 3,410,791 People/Month
Gender 55% Male
Age 35% 35-49 Years of Age
Household Income 28% $30-60k per Year


Web Statistics's People/Month Graph from Compete

Metric Value
Source: Compete
People/Month 3,410,791 People/Month
Growth/Year -28.3%
Visits/Month 12,793,444 Visits/Month
Stay/Visit 08:14 Minutes/Visit
Pages/Visit 11.2 Pages/Visit



Gender Percent
Male 55% Male 55%
Female 45% Female 45%


Age Percent
Under 17 3% Under 17 3%
18-34 32% 18-34 32%
35-49 35% 35-49 35%
50+ 30% 50+ 30%


Household Income Percent
$30k or Less 23% $30k or Less 23%
$30-60k 28% $30-60k 28%
$60-100k 24% $60-100k 24%
$100k or More 25% $100k or More 25%


Ethnicity Percent
Caucasian 77% Caucasian 77%
African American 11% African American 11%
Asian 3% Asian 3%
Hispanic 8% Hispanic 8%
Other 1% Other 1%


Education Percent
No College 50% No College 50%
College 38% College 38%
Grad School 12% Grad School 12%

Children in Household Percent
Source: Quantcast
No 70% No 70%
Yes 30% Yes 30%



Item Cost
People/Dollar: Monthly People / Monthly Cost
Cost per Month $49.99/Month
People/Dollar 68,229 People/Dollar
Cost per Year $259.98/Year
People/Dollar 157,433 People/Dollar
Free Trial Yes
Limitations Communication Limited

Note: Please confirm prices directly with dating service provider.

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Comment (1)

  1. Steve wrote::

    The Good seems serious about protecting its members from felons and married people. Felons and marrieds who misrepresent themselves face prosecution.

    Search results can be displayed as a photo gallery.

    Subscription prices were disclosed in the FAQ allowing price comparison without the need to register.

    The Bad

    Site design seemed sloppy and garish. There were broken banners when I visited and way too many ads.

    In particular, I am not a fan of the deceptive “You are the nth visitor! Claim your prize!” type ads. This is especially true when the ad is flashing vigorously enough to bring on an epileptic seizure.

    And are the ads really necessary? The site charges $50/month for a subscription. At that price, you’d think it would be able to survive without animated banner ads asking me to “take my zwinky shopping.”

    The Ugly

    While I didn’t find anything amiss during my brief visit, there seemed to be a lot of people with issues against the site.

    When 35 out of 38 comments on SiteAdvisor’s page are negative, it sends up a red flag.

    Worth Visiting?

    Maybe. Unless, of course, you are a felon or a married person.

    It seems like an interesting site with a solid concept but many of the comments on SiteAdvisor led me to believe that giving my primary email address would not be a good idea.

    Worth Subscribing?

    I’d like to reserve judgement until I know a little bit more about the site.

    Hopefully someone with more experience on can share their story.

    Saturday, May 17, 2008 at 6:49 am #
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